Video: Parallel LEDinator IO Diagnostic Board

After having some issues with my CNC router, I decided to design a diagnostic board that would show signal information in glorious LED blinkenlights. As it turns out, there was a software problem with my computer software, which Ron at Romaxx helped me work though.

While ultimately unnecessary, this was still a neat exercise in PCB design. Be sure to check out the Parallel LEDinator build process in the video below:

I’m actually surprised there’s not something like this otherwise available, so I may make these available in some form. Feel free to email me or ping me on Twitter if you’re interested.

As for the background, yes, that is the inside of a Terminator 2 LaserDisc cover. No, I don’t own, nor have I ever owned a LaserDisc player, but how awesome is the cover art? Arnold and the Connors look quite impressed with my invention:

Finally, much thanks to Brian Lough and Anool for their input on how to make this board!