I’ll keep adding things to this list as I think of them, so be sure to check back from time to time to see what’s changed!

TS100 Portable Soldering Iron ~$70 [Amazon]

After dealing with a ~$10 iron for way too long, I finally spent around $80 to buy this one. Wow, what an upgrade. Even now I can’t say I love soldering, but it’s made my work so much better. Highly recommended. Heavily featured in this Nixie Clock Assembly video.

Triple LED Light ~$12 [Amazon]

These lights are truly amazing, producing 4500 lumens of light from 45 watts. Best of all, they screw right in to a standard light fixture, so installation is a snap. I purchased one for my garage, then two more for my garage and two for my office. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommended, and they often run sales or coupons of some sort.

DeWalt Corded Power Tools

I have a bit of loyalty to DeWalt tools, as I’ve used them both at work and at home and have yet to have one break. I also had three new quad power outlets installed in my garage, so it’s generally pretty easy to reach an outlet. To list them, I use an XX drill, YY grinder, and ZZ orbital sander. I also have an AA router attached under my workbench, and a second that sits in a CNC machine by Romaxx.

Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2

Benchtop Milling Machine

Heavy Workbench

CNC Router Base

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